Data inizio: dicembre 2017

Data fine: giugno 2019

Durata: 12 mesi

Stato iniziativa: Iniziativa conclusa

Tutor: Vanni Treu, Sara Danelon

Destinatari: Volontari che desiderano diventare Greeters

Cramars still in the Balkans with a new tourism enhancement project in marginal areas.

How can we offer tourist escort services in marginal areas when tourists are made up of small groups? How to create a network of local professionals who accompany tourists to the internal areas?

The Balkan Greeters project is the answer to the request of some partners from the Balkan area, specifically from Montenegro and Serbia, who were looking for an idea and the development of a project that would allow their marginal areas to become attractive to a tourist public that is normally just interested in spending their holidays in the best known areas of these two countries, especially in the main cities or in the coastal and marine areas.
The idea was to follow up and take inspiration from the example of the winning initiative, developed by Cramars with the contribution of Euroleader under POR – FERS fund, which allowed the creation of the CARNIA GREETERS association still active in welcoming travellers in an authentic way, making the visiting of a place, a unique experience.

The result of this collaboration was fantastic and allowed, thanks to the project partners and the support of CarniaGreeters, to create three new destinations included in the Global Greeters Network