CARNIA FOOD DESIGN: creating short supply chains in the agri-food sector

Data inizio: Gennaio 2014

Data fine: Agosto 2014

Durata: 24 mesi

Stato iniziativa: Iniziativa conclusa

Tutor: Annalisa Bonfiglioli

How can we create networks between agricultural producers and restaurateurs? How can we increase the quality of local catering? How can we create networks and healthy competitions between various restaurateurs?


This pilot project aims to re-launch the historic approach of Gianni Cosetti on the tracks currently tracked by the new 2014-2020 programming, taking into account the new projects launched in recent months by stakeholders in the sector and thus aiming to disseminate its visions and methods also in the agritourism world, understood here in a broad sense. The Prize will be awarded to those who, better than all the others, will be able to harmonize the world of the Carnic tradition with the one of innovation that has recently taken place in the field of commercial food design and food and wine communication in the web 2.0.

The "pilot" nature of the project lies, in our opinion, in the fact of wanting to revisit the basic principles of his kitchen while respecting the method but also updating its contents: there is no doubt that more than ten years after the death of the great chef, some food design techniques (video world, visual, textual and musical) and some means of communication / promotion (web 2.0, social and e-commerce), completely inconceivable in his time, have been introduced.

Therefore, the present project wants to reconcile tradition and innovation, enhancing methodological synergies (at the level of territorial approach with Carnic actors) and transferring to the territorial operators a series of targeted and still little known techniques and skills related to the various strands of Food design that integrate in practices, customs and food and wine events already existing in Carnia. Everything as just mentioned in the introduction takes into account the new initiatives.