Data inizio: Gennaio 2002

Data fine: Gennaio 2002

Durata: 12mesi

Stato iniziativa: Iniziativa conclusa

Tutor: Vanni Treu, Sara Danelon

Friulian emigration and local development

Project to search for addresses of emigrated people who intend to tell about their travels

The website was born to:
a) set up a database for individuals that are strictly joint to Friuli and, in particular, to Carnia.
b) identify the e-mail addresses of people who live or have origins in the region of Alto Friuli.
c) set up a database with all the e-mail addresses identified and divide it according to the typical origins of surnames.
d) create moments of animation and debate among the registered visitors of the site. In particular, the website wants to create links with people who has emigrated in the last decades from Alto Friuli to USA, Argentina, Australia, or simplier in different parts of Europe (France, Switzerland, Germany) or in different italian regions.
Therefor, the site created contains: a database of most common surnames in the Alto Friuli region; a database of e-mail addresses of common surnames of Alto Friuli.