Happy Home Wallet

Data inizio: Agosto 2013

Data fine: Agosto 2015

Durata: 24 mesi

Stato iniziativa: Iniziativa conclusa

Tutor: Sara Danelon

Cramars: a new European project to eliminate waste and improve the family economy

Happy Home Wallet aims to learn, share and put into practice, from daily domestic routine, the best practices to use in a rational and intelligent way the resources available to families and individuals, with benefits for the home and the collective economy, as well as for environmental sustainability.


The project is dedicated to a broad target audience, which includes all types of families (young, adults and elderly), and singles; the aim is to develop strategies on how to save, live a healthy life and protect the environment, following new models of domestic organization.

The activities of Happy Home Wallet focus on the realization of his philosophy: knowing, changing, being able to do. In practice, the partnership will develop a research, an experimentation of some laboratories in which the people involved will be able to share and implement their knowledge to connect waste to savings. The project's activities will be supported and implemented by a community of international bloggers who will be able to discuss the topics dealt with at the local level.