IMMC – Identities: Much More than Cards

Data inizio: Febbraio 2014

Data fine: Febbraio 2016

Durata: 24 mesi

Stato iniziativa: Iniziativa conclusa

Tutor: Sara Danelon

IMMC: a project between identity and motivation techniques for migrant people

Cramars studies how to best integrate migrants into the world of education, enhancing the differences and opportunities related to the migratory system.

Many European countries have a long history of welcoming migrants to their countries and within their society from the post-war period until today and much experience has been gained through the exploration of different approaches in the field of intercultural communication and cultural integration.

However, there is no single "migrant culture" and trying to integrate people with migratory experiences means operating in a varied field of different cultures, languages, traditions and religions.
The general objective of the "Identities: Much More than Cards" project will be to develop and adapt training methods for adults, useful to increase their motivation to learn and to contrast feelings of resignation and apathy. In this sense, the project will be methodologically oriented towards learners, staff and trainers.