Learning from success: Local Development Agents

Data inizio: Agosto 2010

Data fine: Agosto 2011

Durata: 12 mesi

Stato iniziativa: Iniziativa conclusa

Tutor: Sara Danelon

Cramars: we need Local Development Agents!

More and more people in Europe find work as “Agents for local development”, employment linked to new employability opportunities in the field of local services, but almost all European countries lack specific training courses in this area.


Our experience in the local development field reveals that the skills of this craft are aquired ongoing, with experience and therefor with a random training. In this sense, through the project "Learning from Success" we intend to create a practical training tool, based on an inductive methodology as opposed to traditional deductive methodology: “Tele-training course for local development agents”.

The project’s website to following link www.lefs-leonardo.org