Maths for Minis

Data inizio: 01 ottobre 2018

Data fine: 30 settembre 2020

Durata: 24 mesi

Stato iniziativa: Iniziativa conclusa

Tutor: Sara Danelon

Mathematics makes everyone happy!

A European project dedicated to children aged between four and eight to learn math while playing.

In most European countries, the approach to mathematics for the youngest children is not sufficiently promoted and supported in the first years of education (kindergarten and first cycle of primary school). It therefore happens that, in an important phase of their social and relational growth, children have little opportunity to experience mathematics-related activities with enthusiasm and daily commitment.

Four countries, six partners want to tackle this problem and provide a free traveling and temporary exhibition, a collection of exhibits (play stations) for children aged four to eight. These are fifteen game stations that allow a new proactive approach to mathematics so that children can independently live mathematical experiences. The training aspect derives from the fact that children actively participate in the process of building their knowledge.