Seeds for the Future: agriculture and innovation

Data inizio: Ottobre 2012

Data fine: Ottobre 2014

Durata: 24 mesi

Stato iniziativa: Iniziativa conclusa

Tutor: Sara Danelon

The project was born to promote the recovery and development of old knowledge in the field of gardening. The aim was to reread these skills according to a current perspective based on the care and practical transformation of land and green spaces, in an innovative and sustainable way.

Through the involvement of an inter-generational target group, the general objectives of the partnership are to rediscover and renew the knowledge and the cultivation techniques that allow the self-maintenance of families, and also individual/shared entrepreneurship through the promotion of a message of exchange / solidarity active among the community, also to rediscover the now lost skills concerning the sowing, cultivation and harvest in public spaces currently in disuse

In the project we will try to involve the municipalities of the area to support the re-use of uncultivated land, parks, gardens and courtyards to raise the awareness of participants about the cycle of nature, using natural resources in a sustainable way according to the philosophy of permaculture (which is based on ethical principles of land care, personal care and resource sharing).

Starting from the current consolidated practice, which is not always correct, the project aims to favor the exchange and bring a more recent and innovative knowledge to all generations of users who want to compete in the practice of new models of sustainable cultivation from an environmental point of view.