Sentinel: Atlas of the Friulian Mountain

Stato iniziativa: Iniziativa di prossimo avvio

Tutor: Vanni Treu

The Sentinel project, funded by Interreg Central Europe, offers the Atlas of the Friulian Mountain.

Atlante is not just a collection of numbers, Atlante indicates a road, a way forward. This Cramars initiative intends to encourage positive dynamics of civil and social progress and economic development of the Highlands, through the transparency of the inequalities existing between those who live in the Highlands and those who live in the plains.

The SENTINEL project is co-funded by the INTERREG CENTRAL EUROPE program. The project aims to enhance the management skills and competences of social enterprises to make the most of their role in the economic development, labour market and social inclusion of marginal regions of central Europe.
The CEI - Executive Secretariat is implementing a pilot action in the mountain area between Carnia and Cadore, in order to test how social enterprises can stimulate economic growth and local development in marginal regions.