V-TOURS: The Agriculture Hub contamination & innovation!

Stato iniziativa: Iniziativa di prossimo avvio

The Agriculture Hub: innovative contamination!

The challenge of this project was to demonstrate that in the mountains, in the agricultural sector, it is possible to use, by suitably calibrating them, innovation tools that are also used in large cities.

V-TOURS supports the acquisition of transversal skills in a lifelong learning perspective in favour of student’s employability defined as a series of skills, understanding and personal attributes that make graduates more likely to get a job and be successful in occupations choices, this represents an advantage for themselves, the workforce, the community and the economy in general.
The V-TOURS project aims to increase and improve the opportunities for dialogue between university students and businesses, creating a virtual access place which includes:

- An online course focused on corporate culture and work ethics, addressing e.g. Research and innovation, Integrated Quality (Quality - Environment - Safety), Corporate Social Responsibility, Company Organization, Roles, tasks and competences within the company, Strategic transversal competences etc.;

- Opportunities to participate in virtual tours in companies, such as online events where company managers will present the organization and processes of their organization, making themselves available to answer questions in real time (this will be organized for small groups of students, who had already benefited from company online resources) and the recording of previously organized tours;

- Self-reflection and self-assessment exercises for students, in relation to the professional profiles that emerged in the interviews carried out during the virtual tours, and referring to corporate culture and work ethics.

The V-TOURS platform will provide a relevant series of learning opportunities that facilitate understanding of the workplace; promote the acquisition of professional development skills; improve student employability; facilitate mobility - all developed resources will be translated into English (including video translation); they support the employer brand and the company point of view.