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Data inizio: Settembre 2014

Data fine: Settembre 2015

Durata: 12 mesi

Stato iniziativa: Iniziativa conclusa

Tutor: Sara Danelon

Local animation, territorial strategies, networks, contacts, all well mixed in order to better exploit the female resource in marginal areas.

This project wishes to start from the assumption that women are an important resource especially in peripheral and marginal areas. If women run away from marginal areas then those marginal areas are doomed to die.


The WELCOME I ° project aims to provide knowledge, points of reference, strategies and contacts to address the search for one's "ideal" job, the theme of WORK is addressed both in the part of self-employment and therefore in the creation of businesses, and the search for dependent employment.
The intervention is divided into free SEMINARS, which provide for a training course with presentations and WORKSHOPS.
Who is it for?
The WELCOME I ° project is aimed primarily at the female population of the municipalities of Tarvisio, Malborghetto / Valbruna and Pontebba.
Registration is however open to people from other municipalities and to male participants. The places available in some seminars may be conditioned by the capacity of the classrooms.