Who we are


Cramars has got a very ancient soul and a heart that always looks away.
The term Cramars comes from the german “Krämer”. It means trader or peddler, It was used to define those sellers, who came from Carnia that, from the 1600s onwards, traveled around Europe to trade the products of their land.
Following in their footsteps, the Cramars cooperative, from 1997, goes on to open to the world to create and offer its users new job and income opportunities.
Its courses and its services in the areas of basic qualifications for adults, health education, equal opportunities, apprenticeship or local development in general revolutionized the way we approach the world of work on our territories.
We have been working in the mountains for over twenty years and we have left an indelible mark on what we do, but also on how we do it.


To be cramars, yesterday as today, means marrying a well-defined lifestyle.

We walk around our territories to continuosly discover innovative ideas and to create new training products to offer to those who need them most. As ancient Cramars we are never still. We are constantly searching, in Italy and abroad, new job and income opportunities for our users. Our style is founded on cooperative design.

We build our projects by continually coordinating them with our companies, interpreting the needs of local authorities and maximizing the potential of our users.

The Cramars’ method is therefore simple and concrete: we offer feasible and futuristic solutions to be included in the labor market, stimulating cross-sectorial cooperation between the various stakeholders in the area.


Cramars è una delle 10 aziende del FVG maggiormente innovative

Cramars è certificata ISO 9001:2008

Cramars è iscritta all’Albo Regionale delle Cooperative Sociali


The FVG Region has accreditated Cramars for its educational activities.
Accreditation is the procedure with which the provincial administration recognizes to a subject the possibility of receiving fostering interventions with training content co-financed by the European Social Fund in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.
Through accreditation, the region assesses the possession of minimum requirements by those who apply to carry out projects on the regional territory, to guarantee the quality of the training interventions. The evaluation is carried out according to objective parameters, based on managerial and logistic skills, economic and financial situation, endowment of adequate professional skills (in management, administration, coordination, analysis and design, service delivery) and activation of stable relationships with the local social and productive system.