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Subscribe to PIPOL

Incipit:PIPOL is the instrument within which are all policies for job search

PIPOL is a tool that provides a close connection between employment centers and training institutions , with the supervision of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region .
Since this is a new tool , you need to follow the steps to be able to make the most precise .


The timing and how to subscribe to PIPOL, except emergencies, are as follows:
? The first necessary step is to register at the following website: http://www.regione.fvg.it/rafvg/cms/RAFVG/formazione-lavoro/rete-lavoro/FOGLIA100/ To register, you must have the Smart card and the personal tax code. Alternatively you can switch Informagiovani Tolmezzo (0433/468024) requesting an appointment. After 20 days, the local CPI shall formalize the inclusion in the database.
? After the CPI, while recording was chosen, will contact the people at the email address provided (be careful not to mistake them the phone number nor the email address);
? After a brief conversation the person chooses the training area and its type of course you want to and signs a pact Individual Action (PAI).

Subscribing to PIPOL is then terminated. Keep the PAI. Some considerations: not subscribe to specific training actions, choose the macro areas. Each person can turn in your PAI only a training activity and an Internship. The Internship choose it only if you have found a company willing to accommodate you. E 'can always unsubscribe, PAI same, and redo a different one, going to the ICC that you have chosen.

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