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PGO - Pipol fpGO

Incipit:What it is: it's Training Groups Homogeneous ( fpGO ) , it is the formation of a group class carried out in collaboration with companies that welcome participants in stage ...

The instrument of Training Groups Homogeneous ( fpGO ) therefore seeks people , even over 30, who have acquired the knowledge they need to improve their professional knowledge both theoretically and practically, through a training action enhanced by an internship .
These are people who want to find work to change their skills or learn in a targeted manner in certain areas their own set of skills .

Follow in the section dedicated to the people all our proposals starting with PGO ( PIPOL - Training Groups Homogeneous ) you discover opportunities you too !! Then follow the instructions until the registration form


The service of PGO Cramars intends to bring people to companies , offering the following free services :
- Looking for companies willing to host young people in internships lasting more than 140 hours ,
- Formation of a homogeneous class group who provide a service theoretical training and agreed with the companies ,
- Inclusion in the company for an internship ,
- Collection and enhancement of the CVs of the students entering the same CV in the circuit work .
Points out that this is a challenging course and that it is not the strongest species survive but one that responds best to change, especially in times of crisis ... .

admission test:No
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