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PP - Pipol Prof

Incipit:What it is: it is training a group class in which companies have expressed interest in hosting or taking interns ...

Pipol Professionalizzante ( PP ) are training programs aimed primarily at people who need a short training period and produced in close partnership with the selected companies that have announced their intention to hire some young or otherwise accommodate young people for an internship lasting 140 hours.

Mostly these routes are aimed at young people , under 30 , who have gained the knowledge they need to improve their professional both in terms of theory and practice , through a short training action enhanced by an internship .

Follow in the section dedicated to the people all our proposals starting with PP ( Pipol Professionalizzante ) you discover opportunities you too !! Then follow the instructions until the registration form


The service PP Cramars intends to bring people closer to enterprises , offering the following free services :
- Looking for companies willing to host young people in internships ,
- Formation of a homogeneous class group who provide a service theoretical training ,
- Inserting in the company for a period of 140 hours,
- Provision of training planned and agreed with the companies ,
- Collection and enhancement of the CVs of the students entering the same CV in the circuit work .
Essentially they are training courses directed at those who believe that a winner is always a way , a loser , however , always finds an excuse !!

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