Information and Training

For more than 20 years, Cramars has been running training and job training systems for both public and private companies.

Throughout its history, Cramars has managed, in collaboration with other companies, the RITMO project, on behalf of the FVG Region.

He currently manages on behalf of the Municipality of Tolmezzo the Informagiovani of Carnia.

Since June 2017, Cramars has been monitoring Melius, a company with significant European experience in managing projects aimed at people's orientation.

Precisely from this experience changes the approach to the Cramars Orientation: in fact, the reception for the provision of Orientation services aligns with the products of Melius and the Orange software (realized by Cramars in synergy with IDEO and Accordia).

Anyone who wants a Cramars Orientation action must therefore sign up for Orange. Only in this way will it be possible, upon request, to initiate individual talks, to be informed of the opportunities to meet demand and job supply.

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