The CRAMARS were itinerant traders from the region of Carnia. Their story begins in the Middle ages and through the centuries until the 18th century. These traders were writing the history of the region of Carnia.
The origins of the name Cramars comes from two different words, first, from the German “Kramer”, Which means merchant. The second meaning of this words, refers to the stick of wood with which Cramars travelling which is called “crame”.
The main cause of migration was Cramars difficulties to live, to nourish in sufficient in Carnia. In the Carnian mountains, gain production was very poor and could not cover the needs of the population. In the 13th century, the problem of insufficient food resources relative to population growth is a global problem. At that time, many families from Carnia, were forced to live the region, in order to lead a life of itinerant traders. The Cramars sold a variety of different products such as spices, fabrics, colors, articles of medicine and handicrafts. They bought their products during their journey in different villages and often sold their goods in Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Moravia.
The nomadic life of Cramars was difficult, from the Middle ages to the 17th century, they travelled on foot through mountains and built wooden houses on their way to live temporarily. From the 18th century, this traders have begun to transport their goods by sea or by land with horses.
The first document deals with Cramars, date to 1261. It was a document written by the patriarch Gregory of Montelogo allowing Cramars to sell without paying their products in Tolmezzo.
The Cramars in their history, have played an important role in the spread of the protestant religion. They were in contact with several regions and they have contributed to spreading the ideas of the Lutheran reformation which began in 1520, from one region to another in Europe.
The history of these pioneers of the trip is written in the cold mountains. They are men, families, who were forced to travel on the roads of Europe by all means to support their families.

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