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How to Change Your Business with 4.0 Technologies Digital evolution also permeates companies and the market is changing profoundly It requires companies to be increasingly flexible, reduce ordered quantities, require increasingly personalized products on the customer. Aggiornamento Permanente Knowledge management at the time of data management The concept of knowledge management has been known since antiquity since by developing libraries and communication tools they managed and shared knowledge. At the time of the big days, the management and sharing of knowledge within the company becomes a critical success factor. At the time of the big data, what are the methods and tools... Aggiornamento Permanente Garanzia Giovani FVG
Innovation, management and creativity Open innovation is a new paradigm that states that businesses can and must resort to external ideas, as well as internal ones, and access internal and external paths to markets if they want to advance in their technological skills Aggiornamento Permanente TF - Barista (Amaro) Barista - For a well-known activity located in the Conca Tolmezzina we are looking for a young person with a short experience as a barista and in the service at the table. Garanzia Giovani FVG How to approach innovation in age 4.0 The course presents the tools for managing innovation projects, providing a range of tools to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency. In particular, the course illustrates the models and tools of Industry 4.0 affecting the business models of a company, identifying new opportunities Aggiornamento Permanente
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CRAMARS, a limited liability co-operative, is a centre for innovation and vocational training, estabilished in 1997, its aim is to develop the area and human resources through the planning and the fulfillment of vocational training and guidance, social and economic research, local cultural activity and development, and through the promotion of equal opportunity projects.
Cramars adheres to a precise policy of activity diversification with a network of collaborators form the work place, from the educational field, as well as in research and development of marginal areas.
Cramars is composed of a highly professional staff of coordinators, researchers, planners, guidance counsellors, educators, technical personnel and administrators with an external support system of consultants; an agency certified in 2002, guaranteering the best of quality standards of educational training and services offered according to Uni En Iso 9001:2000 standards and regulations.
In 2004 Region Friuli Venezia Giulia awarded Cramars with the "Innovation" prize.
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