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Video realization techniques and aerial shots - drones TECHNIQUES OF VIDEO REALIZATION AND AERIAL SHOOTING - DRONI - In this interesting course, students, besides possessing the skills for the realization of photographs and video footage, will also have hours available to make aerial shots with Remote Piloting Aircraft Systems. Garanzia Giovani FVG Aggiornamento Permanente FPGO - Quality systems management techniques MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES QUALITY SYSTEMS - Each company in its possession has a Management System, or a set of rules made with the purpose of achieving a specific goal. Quality within a company is always synonymous with cost reduction and production improvement. Garanzia Giovani FVG
circuit of the work
CRAMARS, a limited liability co-operative, is a centre for innovation and vocational training, estabilished in 1997, its aim is to develop the area and human resources through the planning and the fulfillment of vocational training and guidance, social and economic research, local cultural activity and development, and through the promotion of equal opportunity projects.
Cramars adheres to a precise policy of activity diversification with a network of collaborators form the work place, from the educational field, as well as in research and development of marginal areas.
Cramars is composed of a highly professional staff of coordinators, researchers, planners, guidance counsellors, educators, technical personnel and administrators with an external support system of consultants; an agency certified in 2002, guaranteering the best of quality standards of educational training and services offered according to Uni En Iso 9001:2000 standards and regulations.
In 2004 Region Friuli Venezia Giulia awarded Cramars with the "Innovation" prize.
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