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Cramars, which is a cooperative that was founded 20 years ago, to celebrate the 20 years of business want to organize:


The initiative planned for the first months of 2017 will compare the main features of the way we live and work in the mountains (Carnica and Friulian) in order to grasp their specific characteristics in order to better enhance and promote them in the market and with the various operators public.

It is characteristic that they want to be read in terms of proposals and positive, with the ambition to make them replicable model in other mountain areas and not.

Among the diseconomies that penalize the mountain, which is rather known, we find the orographic characteristics, the different intensity and nature of the weather events, seasonality and craftsmanship, from productive activities, the distance of the essential services needed to live and work, etc ..

What are the ways, experimentation, strategies that allow you to even out the disparities and allow us to overcome the differences between mountains and plains, and between the same parties in mountain areas?

The FESTIVAL OF CITIZENS OF MOUNTAIN wants to stimulate possible answers. We are therefore looking for cases that are replicable good practices.

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