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Call for IMPRENDERO 4.0

The objective of the regional project is to promote and support the processes of creation, business creation and self-employment, generational change and business transfers. Specifically, the services include the creation of 75 informative seminars and thematic duration of 8 hours, 48 entrepreneurial training courses for 40 or 80 hours to develop the managerial skills and necessary to carry out its business plan and define the business plan, 10,000 hours allocated to individual counseling for accompaniment startup or business transfers. All of the activities promoted by Imprenderò 4.0 are free.
So if you have a business idea, small or large, and want a supportoper verify the feasibility Imprenderò is for you! Cramars addition, within this project provides you with all the necessary support for:
- Check your idea;
- I formed you in case you are in need of specific support actions;
- Check your Business Model;
- Draw any Business Plan;
- Provide you with the assistance of the Rainman of Cramars to follow during the start of activities

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