Community pact

A Community Pact is a territorial agreement between public bodies, profit and non-profit organizations and citizens, built around the shared reading of a context and its problems / possibilities, formulated to implement joint actions to improve the quality of life and social practices of a territory.


When we are faced with a Community Pact:

– in the presence of a document attesting the formal or informal participation of representatives from the public, private, citizenship (common agreement) world

– where there is a shared reading of a more or less homogeneous context (if not territorially, in the sense of a defined target)

– when signatories plan and carry out a series of actions to improve or transform the situation of departure according to the network


Items to keep in mind when writing a Community Pact:

• the management of a territory and of its inhabitants is responsibility of all people, organizations, communities, governments and companies that want to enjoy, protect, build, defend, plan and guarantee the sustainability of the natural and human resources present, as well as material and immaterial well-being

• local development must be based on the recognition of the different people living in the territory, respecting the others’ vision and the differences

• it’s essential to exercise plurality, participatory and proactive practices that produce a shared consensus

• ethical responsibility is common to all signatories of the pact.


The Community Pacts and the results of the research will be published on this page as soon as they become available.